Hilton Head Spas take on Summer Skin Saboteurs

Smiling girl wearing wide brim straw hat and sunglasses

They’re there. Lurking not in the shadows but in the sun rays. Or hiding in our favorite guilty pleasure snack. Or sneaking in at night. Whether we’re talking about sun damage, nutrient-deplete foods, or lack of sleep, skin saboteurs are in our midst. But have no fear. You are not defenseless. Hilton Head Island’s award-winning day spas provide some of the best products and services to wield against wrinkles and reclaim your rightful beauty.

Deborah Miller

“There is no reason not to have radiant skin,” said Deborah Miller who is one of the Island’s first estheticians and has been transforming skin for 33 years. “The key is having high quality facials from professionals on a regular basis. They have more effective products only they can get a hold of.” Also, Deborah believes everyone should know these three easy tips:

1.  Use a broad spectrum, UVA and UVB lotion with an SPF of at least 30. Her two favorites are Arcona’s Reozone 40 (available at Deborah Roncarati’s) and Skin Authority’s Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 30 (available at Hilton Head Health’s Indigo Spa).
2.  Vitamin D is the new vitamin C for the skin. Applying vitamin D, C and A topically will help create new and healthy cells.
3.  Products cannot penetrate the skin without resurfacing. In addition to getting regular facials, try scrubs and exfoliants and top of the line products that refresh the skin.

Tanya Hagedorn

Tanya Hagedorn, the esthetic team leader at FACES DaySpa, agrees with Deborah that professional services and top quality products can transform a lackluster face into a vibrant visage. She admitted, “I love helping my clients achieve their desired results.” (NOTE: FACES has a full line of cost-affordable, highly tested and approved products.)

Which got me thinking. Could these women help me? Even though I have always eaten healthy and been wellness-oriented, little—and since turning 37 two weeks ago—old me is due for an enlivened epidermis. Here’s why:
– I grew up on Hilton Head and was always outside, all day long.
– Before I was a health writer and in my teens, I was a soccer camp counselor, beach lifeguard, and then a kayak instructor who believed the young and dumb equation: tan fat = muscle.
– In my 20s, I lived on a sailboat with my husband and applying sunscreen was like good seas—sometimes it happened, sometimes it didn’t.
– These days, I love playing tennis, boating (in any capacity), hiking, walking on the beach and gardening and I am constantly on the look out for the perfect sunscreen for “Sweaty Bettys” such as myself.

In short, I have a long lasting history with sun exposure. So being a hands-on journalist, I thought I should get a facial from both Deborah and Tanya. Though each had different approaches, each were like an Etch A Sketch—once they were done there was nothing there but a pure, blank canvas. Deborah used organic, all-natural enzymes like grapefruit, pineapple and pumpkin, as well as a galvanic wand (to help with product absorption) and a high frequency application (to fight nasty little critters like bacteria) and I was actually carded at the grocery store when I went to buy wine. Tanya gave me FACES’s signature “Lighten, Brighten and Tighten” anti-aging facial, which if the photos had turned out better I would post because the difference was nothing short of amazing.

In addition to having glowing skin, Deborah illuminated an important point about proactive skincare. “Skin cancer is a growing epidemic. It’s right up there with heart disease. Facials are not for vanity and luxury. Studies show they are preventative for precancerous cells.”

Becca Edwards is the eco-wellness blogger for the Hilton Head Chamber and owner of b.e.WELL+b.e.CREATIVE.