Hilton Head Inspires Woman All Over To Be A Fit Chic

She was in the mommy doldrums when Laura Fromdahl was waiting in the carpool line at Sea Pines Montessori in Hilton Head Island ten years ago and another mom approached the driver side of her grocery getter car and asked, “Do you want to join a group of us training for a half marathon?”

“I remember thinking, ‘Well if I have to run 13 miles to make friends, I’m going to freakin’ do it,’” jokes Fromdahl.

100+ races later, Fromdahl is setting the pace for other women to win physically and emotionally with her Facebook page Fit Chics Hilton Head (http://www.facebook.com/laurafromdahl?fref=ts).

“After my first half, I was hooked—mainly because I really enjoyed the women I was training with,” says Fromdahl. “Then our group grew and we had all these events and all these women. We realized the best way to get organized was to create a Facebook page that served as a go-to for women.”

Fit Chic Miki Shimada finishes a triatholon

Since then, Fit Chics has evolved into a comprehensive forum where women not only arrange group workouts but they can also ask Fromdahl about race prep, core strengthening, proper attire and equipment, and nutrition. Plus, Fit Chics has spread to Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Washington DC and Florida, and Fromdahl is about to launch a web site where she will guide women in selecting women’s race and exercise accessories like Garmin watches, Fuel belts, nutrition items, cycling clothes, and running attire—just to name a few.


For Fromdahl, becoming a Fit Chic comes down to these simple tips:

  • Strengthen your core. A strong core helps support internal organs like the bladder and uterus and helps prevent injuries like sciatica.
  • Don’t over to it. Fromdahl warns, “Often times people get off the coach and hit the ground literally running and end up with overuse injuries. Ease into an exercise program.”
  • Don’t work out for workout sake. Fromdahl says she always works out with an event or race in mind. This helps build confidence and goal setting skills.
  • Schedule your workouts. Fromdahl plugs in her exercise plan into her smart phone 6 weeks in advance. She encourages FitChics to carve out the time for their workouts but to always listen to their bodies if they need a rest.
  • Eat clean. Fromdahl says, “I don’t recommend specific foods but do think people should avoid processed products. Don’t tell yourself “No,” but know what makes you feel clean.”
  • Increase your water intake. Water is the easiest way to flush out fat and toxins and keep your skin looking young.

Be well, Becca.