Hilton Head Art Camps Help Youths

Sad Teen

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Youth depression and anxiety. I have been orbiting this topic for a few years now. My graduate thesis, an oral history book about the modern teen, followed several youths for 2 years and explored their stressors and coping mechanisms. From time to time, I teach writing courses at SCAD and Hilton Head Preparatory School and interact with teens navigating through emotional hurdles. And recently I wrote an article for CH2 Magazine titled, “Does My child Need Help?” in which I interviewed Myra Gasser, M.Ed., LPCI, RTY, and Joy Lauerer, MSN, PMHCNS, of Bloom Within Counseling who believe the increasing number of youths with psychological challenges is a serious problem nationwide.

My motivation for addressing this issue is not purely philanthropic. It is also personal. I have three daughters ages 5 to 1. I worry one day they may suffer as many children do.

The good news is there are several ways we can be proactive against the behavioral and emotional obstacles our children may face. One such option is art camp.

Children dancing at the Arts Center (courtesy of Lowcountry Child)

According to Brucie Holler, Associate Director of Education at the Arts Center, “When people think of wellness, they often only think of food, exercise and spirituality. But the creative process is also integral to your health and well being. Art allows children to take a break from rules and their routine and it opens their mind to imagination and endless possibilities—this, I believe, is just as important as eating right or getting enough sleep.”

The Savannah Morning News reported 3 reasons to send your child to art camp writing:

  1. The Imagination is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Girls and boys alike respond best when encouraged to dream, wish, and pretend. Exercises in imagination help children develop flexible perspectives, which allow them to continually adapt when necessary.
  2. Creative Exercises Help the Mind Develop: Creativity in the classroom has been proven to improve brain development, along with physical movement. The opportunity to creatively express ideas and thoughts via music, acting, dancing, painting, etc makes art camp the prime place for children and teens to develop healthy behaviors and coping mechanisms.
  3. Self-Expression is an Important Part of Personal Growth: Children dealing with communication issues need extra attention and help learning how to clearly articulate their needs and wants. Art class can help kids develop the skills necessary to share their ideas, thoughts, and emotions. Arts camps give kids a variety of mediums through which to express all kinds of inner dialogues.

Holler admits art touches her life daily and encourages everyone—children and adults—to tap into their creative side.

“Without art I wouldn’t be happy or healthy,” says Holler. “We think art is only available to a select few, but the creative process is accessible to everyone.”

To view the Arts Center Kids’ Classes, please click here or read below.

Be Well, Becca

Arts Center Kids’ Classes

Take the Stage! Performing Arts Camp (Ages 5-7, 8-12)
Join us as we honor the Arts Center’s summer production of Shout! Explore mod music and dance from the 60’s. In this camp students are exposed to a variety of performing art forms including theatre, dance, and music.  $100
Session 2: July16-20
Instructors: Jay Apking, Patti Maurer and Jen Washburn from the cast of Shout!
Ages 5-7     10:00am-12:00pm
Ages 8-12   1:00-3:00pm

Mixed Up Masterpieces Visual Arts Camp (Ages 5-7, 8-12)
We’ll explore famous works by artists such as Henri Matisse, Man Ray, Georgia O’Keefe, and Frank Lloyd Wright among others. Students will use both traditional and unusual materials to create their own 2D and 3D masterpieces.  $100
Session 2: July 16-20
Instructor: Danielle Tobia
Ages 5-7     1:00-3:00pm
Ages 8-12   10:00am-12:00

Kids N’ Clay Camp (Ages 6-9, 10-13)
Students will learn a variety of ceramic hand building techniques: including pinch, slab, coil, surface decoration, glazing, and more. $100
Session II: July 23-26 and August 2 for glazing
Instructor: Danielle Tobia
Ages 6-9     10:00am-12:00pm
Ages 10-13 1:00-3:00pm

Theatre Camp (Ages 9-14)
Make a cast of new friends during this fun-filled week! Campers will experience a mini-production and will not only be the cast, but will also be the production crew. Campers will be learning how to write scripts, understand and develop character, create sets, props, and design costumes.  $150
Session 2:  July 23-27     9:30am-3:30pm
Instructor: Harry Culpepper

Five Days of Art Camp (Ages 5-12)
Five days of art with five unique workshops! Sign up for individual days or join us for the entire week.  $20 per class or register for all five sessions and save $10.
July 30-Aug 3     10:00am-12:00pm