Healthy Family Reunion Vacation Ideas

Our attempt at a family photo

Driving the 8+ hours back from my family reunion this past Sunday, I was just remarking to my husband how exhausted and unhealthy I felt when my mother called to say she had already booked a place for next year. I had to laugh. We both did.

And although family vacations are a montage of unhealthy options–from margarita mix that’s the same color as comic book nuclear waste to stampeding kids that prohibit even the soundest sleeper from getting his/her Zs–I know that next time we pile 11 adults and 7 small children in a beachfront rental I’m coming prepared.


Healthy Family Reunion Vacation Ideas:

  • Eat well. I know it’s tempting to say, “What the heck, we’re on vacation” but a good diet will give you more energy to enjoy your family. Either designate or hire someone to cook and ask them to keep it healthy and true to the way you eat at home (or at least should!). On Hilton Head Island, some good folks to call are Cathryn Matthes, Aram Haroutunian and Christine’s Cafe, or Lori Craven.
  • Sleep well. My sister-in-law, who has traveled all around the world, brings a fan to drown out the sweet ambient sounds of kids fighting over floaties and the token family snorer.
  • Exercise well. Hilton Head Island provides the perfect backdrop to

    Paddleboard surfing

    dropping some l-bs and staying fit. Check out Beach City Fitness, H2O Sports, Hilton Head Outfitters, Kayak Hilton Head, Lawton Stables, or Outside Hilton Head.

  • Feel well. No one can get under your skin like a family member but more often than not it is because you really love each other and someone’s being hyper-sensitive. Keep calm by doing yoga at Jiva Yoga Center, walking on one of Hilton Head Island’s many beaches, or getting childcare through Hilton Head Nannies or Guardian Angels and having some quiet adult time.

Happy reunioning and be well!–Becca