Fun Family Wellness at Hilton Head Farmer’s Market

As a mother of three girls, I believe being healthy is not only about eating right—it’s also about getting my daughters involved in the process. My family recently attended the Hilton Head Farmer’s Market and we were able to create an entire weekend of wellness. Here’s how:

Camellia and Merlie eating Island Kettle Corn

  1. Each armed with a canvas shopping bag, Ransom (4), Ruth Love (3), Camellia (1) and I first visited Island Kettle Corn. No butter, no cholesterol, and only 120 calories per “small” (which is still sizeable) bag, this sweet and salty treat kept my little shoppers satiated as we conquered the market.
  2. Next, we found Pat Branning’s Shrimp, Collards and Grits—a local cookbook published by Lydia Inglett. Packed full of local recipes and beautiful images, my daughters became excited about living in the Lowcountry and making some of its staples.
  3. Beside Lydia’s tent was Peg Cronin’s Cecil & Clyde booth. Peg makes handmade, one-of-a-kind cloth items often from organic cotton. Peg and my girls looked through several colorful, playful fabrics and we had three children’s aprons special ordered. This way each child could bring her own personality and style into the kitchen.
  4. Then it was time to get our main ingredients. There are several local growers at the market that have been farming for generations. They will inspire you to plant a small plot or simple herb garden and will teach your children that eating fresh produce is the first step to being holistic and healthy. The girls selected a salad mix from Bear Island Farm and an assortment of veggies from the Brant Family Farm while I went over to Benny Hudson’s Seafood for some fresh shrimp and fish. The game plan was to do shrimp kebabs and salad (my husband’s favorite meal) that night and then play with some of our new recipes the following day.
  5. Peg Cronin and Ruth Love select an apron

    Peg Cronin and Ruth Love select an apron

    We also bought some must-have items like snacks and readymade foods. Ransom’s favorite was the chocolate-covered, fresh-picked cherries from Great Foods Co-Op. (I also love their black-eyed pea dip—it is great with, sliced peppers and celery for a healthy appetizer.) Ruth Love’s favorite was the chicken vegetable dumplings from Olivia Liu’s Dragon Express. Camellia—who has just started talking—squeaked, “Yummy, Mommy” when she tried Daniel Harm’s lean, all-natural hickory smoked beef jerky (also a great beach snack). I am a huge fan of Daphne Frazer’s Gourmet Soups. And my nanny, the ever-practical Merlie, swears by the mint eucalyptus African shea butter cream by Fusion Bath and Body Products, which not only makes your skin feel soft but is also an all-natural bug repellent.

You and your children can enjoy fun family wellness every Friday from 8:30-1 at Honey Horn. Be well—Becca