Don’t Just Get Fit, Get Fit-Techno


According to the Physical Activity Council’s recently released 2015 Participation Report, more kids, teens, and adults are living sedentary lifestyles—making our nation’s trend toward inactivity something to sweat about, especially when we consider issues like childhood obesity. For years, we have been blaming technology for the coach potato craze and even when Wii sports brought us “exergaming” we called foul. (Click here for an interesting read on exergaming.) But technology is fighting back by challenging us to not only get fit, but get “fit-techno.”



During the 2015 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) expo, go go gadgets illuminated all the ways technological advancement can also advance how we exercise—and not just from a calorie burning standpoint, but from an injury prevention  and goal-setting standpoint. Now, I will admit I am not a starter on team techno savvy. I am not even second string. (I’m thinking forth string, at best.) But, I have comprised a list of my top picks (plus a 47-minute a playlist) to getting fit-techno.

– This rollable, portable, sensor embedded yoga mat detects your balance and alignment.
– The SmartMat app connects to your SmartMat via wireless Bluetooth to give you real-time feedback on your yoga practice.
– The SmartMat has 3 different modes you can choose from—in home private, in class assist, and Zen mode—so you can do whatever feels right for you that day.
– The SmartMat tracks your growth over time.
– The SmartMat Marketplace is a dynamic and growing portal with consistently new yoga classes. Some of these will be free, and others will be available on a subscription model.

Skulpt Inc.
– This device measures your muscle quality and fat percentage for 24 individual muscles.
– Skulpt Inc. takes the guess work out of which muscles need more love than others.

 – This company offers an extensive line of wareables with both style and function in mind.
– IFit recently developed a watch that syncs with your running shoes to measure how effectively and efficiently you are running.
– IFit also just came out with a smart bed that monitors how well you sleep and can heat or cool to improve sleep. The smart bed can be paired with the IFit mixer which bases how well you slept and your activity level to create the perfect post or pre workout drink for you.

Exercise Apps
Daily Burn
– Great costumer service.
– Offers both low and high intensity daily workouts and more lengthy programs.
– Cost: $10 a month or $15 a month for added nutritional program
– Over 200 5-minute personalized fitness options.
– Camera feature rates how in sync you are with the trainer.
– Can connect with the trainers for motivation and additional support.
– Cost: Free
– Easy to download and use.
– Breaks down specific moves and postures with upbeat but not annoying instructors.
– Offers three categories of instruction: Yoga, Fitness and Cooking
– Cost: Free

Playlist (Total time = 47:13)
Warm up (total time = 5:20)
Intro—The xx (2:08)
Reaching—Audiomachine (3:12)

Workout (total time = 31:47)
Fight Song—Rachel Platten (3:24)
It’s Time—Imagine Dragons (4:00)
Wake Me Up—Avicii (4:10)
Bitter Sweet Symphony—The Verve (5:58)
Mountain Sound—Of Monsters and Men (3:32)
Left Hand Free—alt-J (2:54)
Sail—AWOLNATION (4:19)
Time is the Enemy—Quantic (3:40)

Cool down (Stretch/Walk + Seated or reclined relaxation total time = 10:06 )
Stretch/Walk: The World at Large—Modest Mouse (4:33)
Seated or reclined relaxation: Life and Death—Paul Cardall (5:33)

Becca Edwards is the eco-wellness blogger for the Hilton Head Chamber and owner of b.e.WELL+b.e.CREATIVE.