Anti-Aging In Hilton Head Island

Beach bikers on Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island is a vivacious town. Locals and tourists alike bike, rollerblade and walk/run on the Island’s 60+ miles of multi-use trails, take advantage of the temperate weather, and get healthy at local spas and fitness/wellness facilities. People here also have several great go-to’s to combat aging and maintain their healthy glow. After a recent big birthday (a lady never tells her age, so I will not disclose the exact number), I treated myself to a few signature Hilton Head Island anti-aging services, activities and words of food wisdom.   Services Lois Liptak offers a host of anti-aging services. “I provide a non-surgical approach to better health,” begins Liptak. “I do non-surgical facelifts, botox, dermal fillers, medical massage, lypossage body contouring, lymphatic drainage, and Swedish, prenatal and deep tissue massage.” To combat sun damage from years of sailing, tennis and gardening in Hilton Head, I opted for the non-surgical facelift. Here’s how the process works:

  1. You lay down on a massage table and instantly begin to relax.
  2. Liptak applies a warm towel gently to the face to clean and increase circulation.
  3. With small methodical circles, Liptak applies an ionic wand that further increases circulation, drains your face of impurities, tightens pours, improves muscle tone in the face and neck, decreases wrinkles and removes black circles from under your eyes.
  4. Strategically positioned to your specific problem areas, small electrodes are placed on your face to stimulate the muscles and literally lift your face and neck. (Note: During this step, Lois massages your feet and you drift into a dream state.)

The entire nirvana-inducing session lasts nearly 2 hours and Liptak recommends repeating it every other week for a few months and then every month for maintenance. Molly Tomiczek of Island Soma Therapy specializes in an array of holistic practices. I tried lymphatic drainage massage and instantly felt rejuvenated. Very different from a typical massage, this massage involves light, directional touches that feel calming and cleansing. Designed to eliminate toxins from the body, lymphatic massage not only helps with post-op recovery but also stimulates the lymphatic system and is a naturopathic necessity. (Note: This is an excellent therapy for chemotherapy patients.) Tomiczek explains, “Unlike the heart, there is no pump for the lymphatic system. Instead proteins and toxins are pushed through with muscles and as we age, those muscles get weaker. Through lymphatic massage, we can combat this and the aging process.”

Savasana Pose

In addition to lymphatic massage, Tomiczek tips to anti-aging include:

  • Skin brushing.
  • Essential oils aromatherapy like juniper berry, geranium, and roman chamomile.
  • Taking 5-10 minutes a day to relax in silence by reclining with your eyes closed or laying in Savasana.

  Activities Suzette Springer of Move and Motion (which includes aerial, gymnastics, dance, Pilates and yoga spaces) epitomizes age-defying beauty. (Like me, she’s a lady and doesn’t disclose her age either!) Her studio offers such fun and freeing classes as Aerial Yoga and Aerial Cirque BootCamp. Springer believes hanging upside down not only connects us with our inner child, but it also reverses blood flow which enhances circulation and is energizing. “When people work on the ribbons or try some of our cirque activities, they feel lighter inside and outside because it releases serotonin and norepinephrine, i.e. the stuff that’s in anti-depressants,” says Springer.  

Black bean, avocado and tomoato salad

Words of Food Wisdom Chef Brooks Rinehart, CDM, CFPP is the culinary king of healthy cuisine in the area. He recommends 8 foods for anti-aging:

  1. Olive Oil
  2. Garlic
  3. Avocado
  4. Honey
  5. Wild Salmon
  6. Greens
  7. Black Beans
  8. Tomato

Be well, Becca