Palmetto Bluff Idea House

For many people a single day trip to Palmetto Bluff will inspire a lifetime of Lowcountry living. Every visit I make motivates me to slow down, take a look around and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. While the view of the May River alone might be all you need – my advice this fall […]

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Time Well Spent: Good Times Await at the 36th Annual Bluffton Village Festival

Bluffton truly gives visitors something to rave about this time of the year. With our walkable Old Town and eclectic mix of artist’s studios, eateries and historic sites, not to mention quirky locals and serene setting, Bluffton has never been a town that required much ‘tending to’ when it comes to enticing travelers to stop by. And in mid-spring Bluffton opens its arms to the world both figuratively and literally during the Bluffton Village Festival, commonly known as Mayfest.

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Remembering the Past; Taking Care of the Future in Bluffton.

Bluffton locals surely love to get together. They will, in fact, make most anything into a celebratory gathering given half a chance. The reasons run the gamut from celebrating the first frosty weather because that’s when the local oysters are in season and at their most flavorful, to commemorating events of historical significance, like The Burning of Bluffton.

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The Best Address is a Bluffton Address!

s most folks who reside in Bluffton can attest, the reasons to live in this slice of Lowcountry heaven are as many and as varied as the ombre hues found in a May River sunset; the mild weather, the friendly people, the bodacious local food, the growing economy and an appealing sense of place that truly sets Bluffton apart.

Once you’re made your decision to make your home in Bluffton, it can be advantageous to do some research and planning to ensure that the positive, exciting aspects of your move stay that way. Both the Town of Bluffton and Beaufort County offer helpful resources for Lowcountry newbies, making reinventing the relocation wheel a thing of the past. Add to that the ever-helpful Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce and the transition to becoming a Blufftonian is a snap!

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Bluffton brings a special splendor to December days and nights.

Melodious music, delicious food, delightful people and a warm, festive atmosphere make Bluffton a wonderful place to visit during the holidays. If you need the antidote for huge shopping malls, long checkout lines, and acres of asphalt, then hitch up the family sleigh and hustle on over to historic Old Town Bluffton.

Just strolling the charming, moss-drape lanes resplendent with natural Lowcountry-inspired décor lifts the spirit. Stop in at any of the many quaint and eclectic shops for exquisite hand-made pottery, on-trend women’s wear, coastal-chic housewares and you’ll be humming “Greensleeves” in no time!

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Get in the Spirit of the Season at the Annual Bluffton Christmas Parade!

Ah, the small town parade: marching bands, beauty queens, brownie troops, cub scout packs, baton twirlers, fire trucks, classic cars. It’s just like any big city parade, only smaller. As it turns out, the annual Bluffton Christmas parade is really anything but small. It was estimated that several thousand folks descend on Old Town to watch the parade. Leave it to a small town parade to bring out a wonderful sense of place, a feeling of community pride and give everyone the perfect reason to start the holiday season off right!

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Words from a Native… Josh Cooke ❤ Bluffton!

Attempting to understand why Bluffton natives and long-time residents adore their town is not as easy as one might expect at first thought. To truly understand Bluffton-love, if you will, one must be ready to delve into the minds of those who dare call Bluffton home, ask the tough questions, and with a single purpose seek the truth about their “state of mind” from these rapscallion Blufftonians…

Actually, I’m just kidding. All one really needs to do is drop by The Corner Perk in Old Town Bluffton and settle in for a conversation over a latte or iced coffee with it’s easy-going owner, Josh Cooke. Josh is about as close to a “native” Blufftonian as you will get, having been transplanted to the area in his preschool years.

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Summer “dog days” are a breeze at the Bluffton “Dog Days of Summer” Sunset Party

As summer wanes in Bluffton, usually the temperature does not, making late afternoon and early evening the perfect time to catch a May river breeze. Throw in a gorgeous Lowcountry sunset, live tunes, great food and some folks who also relish celebrating something as simple as a Bluffton sunset or as arcane as summer’s dog days and you may find yourself at the Bluffton “Dog Days of Summer” Sunset Party on Friday, Aug. 16th. Hey, if you can’t beat the heat, might as well celebrate it!

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The Bluffton State of Mind is Strong with Lori Austin!

It’s a pleasure to announce that we have a winner of the Bluffton State of Mind contest! Beginning with our very first blog post last fall, we wondered (and asked), what would the newbie to Bluffton or better yet, the visitor, declare as their “Bluffton state of mind”?

Our winner, Lori Austin of Davenport, Florida told us that while she was first introduced to the area through Hilton Head Island, she now considers Bluffton to be a favorite spot in the Lowcountry for relaxing while on vacation. “Old Town just means ‘Lowcountry’ to me now”, she told me while lunching at The Cottage Bakery, Café & Tea Room.

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