Truth Or Dare? Explore the July Exhibit at Greer Gallery.

It’s about the power of objects to tell a story.  It’s about the dance of truth, imagination and will.  It’s about context bringing commonplace things to life.  It’s about the artist imposing her touch so that we can then see something our own way.  It’s the stuff of life, revealing its genius and beauty, simply by shifting our viewpoint.

That’s (arti)Fact Or Fiction, the Art League show in the Walter Greer Gallery at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, July 6th through 30th.

Portal by Caroll Williams

Caroll Williams and Donna Varner

Artists Caroll Williams and Donna Varner choose different tools.  Caroll selects things we often overlook and changes them as little as possible.  Sometimes combining them; sometimes arranging them, Caroll compels them to show up differently.  Is the story that results true, or imaginary, or just up to us?

Donna, identifies and arranges objects – then photographs them.  Light and shadow immediately become objects themselves.  Point-of-view is the most evident choice artistically.  Is it an extreme close-up, making a macro-fact out of a tiny detail?  Or do we see it collaborating with other objects, in a still-life that may not really be still.

Caroll Williams: perfection in normal

Caroll sees magic in found objects, perfection in their irregularity.  Discarded things, and flotsam washed up on the beach, are among her favorite “art supplies.”  Combining them often brings out how ideal the color, weathering and wear looked to her.

Also juxtaposing unrelated objects, Donna provokes memories and evokes metaphors with us, by seeing insight in the everyday.  Things that were designed carefully for a specific purpose take on uncanny new meanings when we see them together, or outside their original role.

Domino Theory by Donna Varner



Her photos show us how things looked to Donna, and how their textures, colors and shapes harmonized when she put them together before her camera.

Seeing familiar images in unfamiliar places was one experience of surrealism.  It unlocked immense artistic statements about context, interpretation and individuality.

Timing Is Everything by Donna Varner


(arti)Fact Or Fiction delivers the same freedom, but without the strangeness.  Come, have a look.