Inspirations From Paradise: The Art League View Of Hilton Head

The Hilton Head Art League schedule of exhibits this year is a menu for sampling what happens when the idea of “suffering” for one’s art is turned upside down.  Here we see featured artists responding to the treatment of gentle weather, ambling pace, beauty in every color imaginable and the freedom to come as you are – and go where you please.

The current show, in the Walter Greer Gallery of the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, at Shelter Cove, is Abstract Impressions – an exhibit of recent paintings by N. Jack Huddle. It continues through July 2.

Red Woods by N. Jack Huddle

Red Woods by N. Jack Huddle

These are large-scale works in oil that open with a dominant color intended to establish a specific mood.  Their freedom of line and composition empowers the viewer to participate with individual and personal interpretations.

Coming up is a schedule that reflects the abundance of local artists we enjoy here on Hilton Head Island and nearby.

Tequila Sunrise by N. Jack Huddle

Tequila Sunrise by N. Jack Huddle

–         July 6 – 30

[arti]Fact & Fiction: Telling Stories with Found Materials

Artists: Donna VarnerCaroll Williams



–         August 2 – September 3

The Apple Pie Painters


Marilyn Dizikes

Vickie Bailey Ebbers

Mary B Kelly

Judy S McElynn

John Norlander

Alexandra Sharma

Barbara Snow

–         September 7 – October 1

Flowers In Vases by N. Jack Huddle

Flowers In Vases by N. Jack Huddle


Jean-Marie Cote – The Color of Life – A Real & Surreal Journey

–         October 4 – 29

Six Artists One Palette & Fabulous Fakes


Pepi McNair

Nancy Mitchell

Linda Nickles

Anne Smithers

Bing-ie Tan

Cynthia Wood

–         November 1 – 26

Virginia MacKenzie & Ann Bannister

–         November 29 – December 30

Holiday Art Exhibit & Eve Miller

To find out more about featured artists and exhibits – or to arrange a small group visit to the gallery with friends – call 843-681-5060 or visit . Admission is free.