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Hilton Head Island’s weather is ideal for those wanting to explore the outdoors and soak up the sunshine. The Hilton Head area features a balmy, subtropical climate year round.

The largest barrier island off the Atlantic coast between Long Island and the Bahamas, Hilton Head is located 40 miles north of Savannah, GA, and 90 miles south of Charleston, SC.

The Island lies on the Intracoastal Waterway and encompasses 42 square miles of semi- tropical, Lowcountry geography, including unspoiled sea marshes, creeks and lagoons, heavily wooded forests of tall pines, palmettos, magnolias and live oaks, and 12 miles of broad Atlantic beach. See a Hilton Head Island map for a complete view of the Hilton Head area.

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Hourly Weather for Thursday, September 07

Right Now:

Mostly clear

Mostly clear

Feels like: 82°F
Humidity: 97%
Wind: 1.7mph

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0-Day Forecast

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Average Weather by Month

High: 59°F
Low: 40°F
Rainfall: 3.9 inches
High: 61°F
Low: 41°F
Rainfall: 3.2 inches
High: 68°F
Low: 48°F
Rainfall: 3.4 inches
High: 76°F
Low: 56°F
Rainfall: 3.1 inches
High: 83°F
Low: 64°F
Rainfall: 1.9 inches
High: 87°F
Low: 70°F
Rainfall: 4.4 inches
High: 89°F
Low: 74°F
Rainfall: 6.2 inches
High: 89°F
Low: 74°F
Rainfall: 7.6 inches
High: 85°F
Low: 69°F
Rainfall: 5.8 inches
High: 77°F
Low: 59°F
Rainfall: 4.6 inches
High: 69°F
Low: 49°F
Rainfall: 2.5 inches
High: 61°F
Low: 42°F
Rainfall: 3.1 inches
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