In recent decades, Lowcountry cuisine has come into its own, and Bluffton’s eateries are no exception. From pleasantly rustic cafes and down-home barbecue joints to refined, elegant restaurants both Old Town and Greater Bluffton offer a variety of dining choices sure to satisfy.

Dive into a traditional Lowcountry boil, a warm bowl of velvety shrimp and grits, or a steaming platter of briny, local oysters because the seafood in Bluffton is fresh. So fresh, that it was probably alive and kickin' at the dock only a few short hours ago.

Yes, even the food of Bluffton has its own spirit; enjoy afternoon tea with all the sweet and savory accouterments at The Cottage or cold press juices and elixirs at The Juice Hive. While shopping on Calhoun Street, stop by The Pearl Kitchen & Bar which specializes in local seafood and modern preparations. In addition to specialty coffee and good food, the Corner Perk Cafe offers outdoor seating at the corner of May River Road and Calhoun Street.

Fabulous Bluffton foodie surprises don’t end there either; just take a leisurely stroll through the Bluffton Farmers Market and sample locally-made specialties, pick up some über-fresh produce, then take a break with a libation stop at Red Fish Bluffton or Old Town Dispensary.


Bojangles’ began in 1977 as the dream of operators Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas. They saw an opportunity to develop a quick-service restaurant chain based on three attributes: a distinctive flavor p...