Hilton Head Island Showcases Great Food along with Fireworks this July 4th!

Fourth of July weekend, a time to grab a lawn chair, stock the cooler and sport American flag swag. Better yet, head to the coast and Hilton Head Island for Atlantic ocean breezes, amazing firework displays and of course, a medley of superlative food and feasting choices.

Many of the prime firework viewing locales on the Island – Shelter Cove Harbour, Skull Creek and Harbour Town, not only get the party started but keep it going by with plenty of thirst-quenching libations, live entertainment and a variety of delicious bites.

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Market Day is Fun Day in Hilton Head Island!

Psst…Hey, over here…psst. Planning a visit to Hilton Head Island? Are your renting a villa or house or other abode with a kitchen for your getaway? Do you love to cook? Are you itching to match your culinary skills with the freshest of Lowcountry ingredients? Then, before you ink your menu and throw on that apron, you simply must peruse the local aisles at one of my favorite ‘grocery stores’- our terrific farmer’s markets.

From bodacious blueberries to cherub-shaped patty pan squash to organically raised eggs, locavores in the know on Hilton Head Island and Bluffton head to their respective markets for the best, in-season produce. Heck, don’t even be surprised to spot a chef from your favorite local eatery strolling the tents and jockeying for all the speckled butter peas or rosy heirloom tomatoes sold by local farmers.

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For the Love of ‘Que Get Yourself to the Hilton Head Rib-Burn Off!

Yes, Hilton Head Island is known for seafood and we have wonderful restaurants serving up gorgeous local seafood from French-Asian fusion to classic delicacies like Lowcountry boil. We also have superlative seafood markets, many offering up their catch fresh off their own shrimp trawlers and oyster day boats. But the Island also boasts another specialty that is coming into it’s own within foodie circles far and wide… barbeque*. We even have several competitions, i.e. barbeque battles, held annually and one of them, the 16th Kiwanis Rib Burn-Off and BarbecueFest, is turning up the heat on May 18th.

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A taste of the sweet life at the Bluffton Village Festival

Immerse yourself into the quirky charm that is Bluffton, SC for a few hours during the 34th annual Bluffton Village Festival. Coordinated by The Rotary Club of Bluffton, the festival, also known as Mayfest, will be held on Saturday, May 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
I love a good festival and this one leaves nothing for want. First off there is the setting of Old Town with its burgeoning revitalization including art galleries and working studios, delightful cafés, and boutique shops.

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If it’s Spring on Hilton Head Island all roads lead to Signe’s!

If you have been a frequent visitor to Hilton Head Island during the months of March through May you know that spring on our little piece of heaven is something very special. The return of longer days means more sun bringing forth bodacious blooms of jasmine, wisteria and daffodil, more time for the beach and boat, and vacation time – fun time is eminent. Of course it is also a time for renewal and for those who observe Easter, it’s a sense of reflection that rules the heart and ultimately, a celebration of life’s possibilities through faith.

My family like many Southern folks, celebrated Easter with traditions that included (surprise!) …food. Our table always included a lovely glazed ham*, cheesy scalloped potatoes, spring vegetables like asparagus, greens and peas plus homemade biscuits and a rich, old-fashioned layer cake made from scratch – no cake mixes here! This menu still speaks one thing to me: “Easter dinner”. We Southerners call Sunday lunch, “dinner” by the way.

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So many (great) wines, so little time at the Wine & Food Festival

Another Hilton Head Island Wine & Food Festival has come and gone and lucky for me I was able attend this singular event again after taking a 2 year hiatus. I attended my first one back in my early 20’s (and now you can, ahem, double that) when it was held at Shelter Cove Marina under one massive tent. The event, which started out 27 years ago as simply ‘Winefest’, has seen some changes over the years, and like many a good wine, has improved with age in my opinion and rightfully morphed into a “Wine & Food” event.

The Festival includes not only the outdoor Public Tasting, but 6 days of events chocked full of the best domestic and international wines and glorious gourmet options for the foodie in you.

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Lift a Fork in Praise to Music To Your Mouth

I must admit it had been a while since I had tread the moss-draped – and admittedly quite spectacular – avenue of oaks that leads to Palmetto Bluff. Car parked and off on foot (too nice of a day to take the golf cart shuttle), I rounded a corner as a couple on bikers (of the non-motorized variety) ambled past me – the gentleman is clad in dusty orange (or maybe it was peach?) almost high-water trousers with nautical emblem belt, slightly wrinkled button down shirt and much to my amusement, penny loafers and NO socks; the unofficial state men’s attire of coastal South Carolina. I knew I was in the right place!

But I digress. This event is about food, not fashion so I doubled my pace toward the huge tent; the sweet smells of both familiar and unusual culinary temptations beckoning me with each step. Music ToYour Mouth, now in it’s fifth year, is a foodie experience second to none.

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Going Locally Lowcountry – It’s Festival Time In Hilton Head!

To me fall is the perfect time to take stock of Hilton Head Island’s bounty and make some eating, drinking and general having fun plans around the boom of upcoming events in the area. When I was younger the SC State Fair was always an event us kids looked forward to as much as college football games and Halloween. While the carnival rides were amusing, my favorite part of our annual pilgrimage to the land of corn dogs, cotton candy and elephant ears were the farm animal barns, believe it or not. According to my cousins my immediate family was considered “city folk” (even though we had a huge backyard garden, our address was a rural route and my mother raised quail at one time) whereas they lived and worked an actual farm with hogs (really big pigs) and cattle and horses and chickens – the real deal.

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Foodies Best Kept Secret No More!

It’s no secret to the foodie friends and fans of Hilton Head Island that the island and environs are home to an incredible array of restaurants, cafes, and caterers with talented owners and chefs creating tasty, delectable menus. Hopefully this blog has highlighted some of those who are also embracing sustainable business practices by using in-season ingredients purchased from local farmers, fishermen and purveyors. Some are going a step further by growing their own produce and herbs, teaming with local farmers to compost their kitchen scraps and even “putting up” locally grown vegetable and fruits for later use.

Over the past summer it’s been an awakening I’ve seen for myself at the local farmers markets, among the chefs and restaurateurs I’ve interviewed, in the media and with visitors to the Lowcountry. Recently, special events, held from the bright lights of Broadway to the moonlit skies above our own Coastal Discovery Museum, have brought the one-of-a-kind flavor and the emerging culinary stars of the Hilton Head Island into the national and even international foodie vanguard. In New York, the Conde Nast dining rooms welcomed SC coastal cuisine with dishes prepared by local chef and Food Network Star contender Orchid Paulmeier. A “deconstructed” Lowcountry boil was the showstopper recipe convincing editors and foodie insiders to take a closer look at the burgeoning Hilton Head Island food scene.

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Ode to the ‘Mater at the Sea Grass Grille

As the balmy days of August recede in Hilton Head Island so begins a bittersweet time of year for local foodies as we say farewell to a favorite southern summer fruit, the tomato, and hello the local bounty of goodness found in autumn’s garden and coastal waters. Plucking the last ruby red local ‘maters in late summer, making a last fresh tart or pie (or even just eating one out of hand!) is a ritual for me going back to my childhood. With a soft sigh my mother would announce, “We’re down to our last Big Boy. I’ll slice it up for lunch.” So we would each get a slice or two, then silently move fork to mouth, eating each bit very slowly, attempting to make that unmistakable and lovely home-grown tomato taste last as long as possible.

However, I put the cart before the horse. These days more farmers, especially here in the Lowcountry are growing in 2 (some 3) seasons and at last week’s farmers market (Hilton Head Island and Bluffton) there were still plenty of local tomatoes to be had. And at Sea Grass Grille there is still their signature Carolina Tomato Pie to be eaten!

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