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Hilton Head Island Wedding Vibe

A to Z of Getting Married on Hilton Head Island (Part One)

There are so many reasons why couples choose to get married on Hilton Head Island. From sandy white beaches to sweeping oak trees, lush green golf courses, and spectacular hotels and clubs, Hilton Head Island has many unique and beautiful choices for a wedding any time of year.

My favorite months, and most popular months, for a Hilton Head Island wedding are March-May and September-November. Summer months, although beautiful, can get quite warm during the day, so just plan accordingly.

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If it is a destination wedding, most guests will incorporate their vacation with your wedding. You may suggest a villa or home rental for guests that plan on an extended vacation, in addition to the many hotel selectionson the island and in Bluffton.Also, I suggest making a list of activities that your guests can enjoy during any free time they may have during the wedding week or weekend. Hilton Head Island and Bluffton has many award-winning golf courses for the men (and women) to enjoy as well asamazing shopping, restaurants, nightlife and spas to relax during the day.

A Hilton Head Island wedding is also ideal because it is a way of sharing the beauty of adestination resort without having to travel out of the country for a destination wedding; not to mention it is easily accessible by car or plane.

Most couples I work with that have chosen Hilton Head Island as their wedding location, have a sentimental connection here because they have vacationed here with their families growing up. I remember the car rides from Pennsylvania to Hilton Head Island each summer starting in 1979 until we moved here permanently in 1988. I was married on Hilton Head Island in 2002 (just celebrated 10 years-yeah!) and my out-of-town family and friends were thrilled to have such an amazing place to come and visit.

Keep in mind that any wedding nuptials on the beach will require a Town of Hilton Head beach permit. Also, remember to always have a back up plan in case of inclement weather.

Youʼll want to make sure that if you are renting ceremony chairs that you inform your rental company of a beach set-up and chair break-down as sometimes they will charge more for this service.

You may want to walk the area of the beach you are planning on for your nuptials to find a more remote portion of the beach to avoid any man in Speedos in the background of your wedding pictures! You can ask the hotel or resort if the beach umbrellas remain up until a certain time of day as you may want to avoid them in the background as well.

Chances are that if you are marrying on the beach behind a rental home, the area of the beach is more private than that of a resort, however you have more assistance with an on-staff event planner when choosing a resort for a beach ceremony.

Hilton Head and Bluffton also has some amazing church congregations for your wedding ceremony. More than likely they will have some requirements for you if you are planning destination and donʼt belong to their parish, so reaching out to them individually is the best plan.

The Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce has an on-staff wedding expert to help guide you in the right direction when choosing a venue. Contact them or a local planner for assistance getting you started with the wedding of your dreams

A Cinderella Story

Lindsay Daniels was married yesterday to the boy next door-literally. Justin Jarman lived next to Lindsay in Charleston where she is a nurse at Roper St. Francis.  Lindsay walked her dog by Justin’s house purposely so he would notice her-and did he ever!

On Saturday, June 11th, 3 years after finally meeting, they married in front of 300 guests at Palmetto Bluff Resort.

I had the honor of speaking with Lindsay and her mother 5 hours prior to her nuptials. Lindsay was radiant and her mother beamed as she explained why their wedding day was a Cinderella story.

When Lindsay was a little girl she tried out for the role of Cinderella in her school play, and was so sad when she did not get the part. Lindsay always seemed to shine behind the spotlight. Her mother shared that when Lindsay first slipped into her Vera Wang wedding dress, she said “Mom, I finally feel like Cinderella!”

On top of having a gorgeous couture dress that was embellished with Swarovski crystals, she was taken to the dreamy chapel at Palmetto Bluff by way of a white horse-drawn pumpkin shaped carriage!

Palmetto Bluff Chapel

(The list of more magical and elegant details can be seen in my upcoming story in Hilton Head Monthly Magazine….make sure to check it out!)

Lindsay’s family resides permanently at Palmetto Bluff after being vacationers to Hilton Head Island since the early ’80’s. It is a common story to hear how vacationers turn into permanent residents to this area. It is easy to fall in love with our Island!

I also hear stories of couples vacationing only once to the Island then deciding to marry here because of how special the Island is to them.

What is your story? Do you have a wedding story to share? How about a creative proposal?

If you don’t feel like you have a story yet, make one happen here on Hilton Head Island. Best Wishes!


Who's wedding is it anyway?

This week I must reflect on the dynamics of being a zilla. You don’t have to be in the wedding business to have heard the term bridezilla.  I, however, would like to take zilla from the bride and pass it on to other members of the wedding party. In other words, one could be a groom-zilla, a bridesmaid-zilla, or what I recently encountered, a mother-in-law-zilla.

I have concluded that anyone who takes center-stage the wedding day, and declares the attention as their own (in not a nice way) is a zilla.

At a recent wedding, my heart broke for the unkind words that were expressed to the bride regarding her choices of color, where she was seated, and even the shape of her wedding cake by her mother-in-law-zilla.

It doesn’t matter what shape the cake is, or the shade of the table linens. What matters is the union of marriage for the couple. Their new journey as husband and wife.

My suggestion to those that are dealing with a zilla is to let the comments roll off your back. Keep focused on the day for what it is about. Asking a friend or family member to intercede when the zilla is approaching wouldn’t be a bad idea either.  Or, ask your wedding planner to address the concerns in a kind way.

Stress is inevitable when you have two different families being joined together; many of which are broken in some way. Parents who have divorced and remarried are now asked to all gather in harmony and put on a happy face. Dynamics like these create stress.

I recommend taking a break from it all with a spa day. Not just a day for the bride, or the ladies, but for the men too. Setting time aside to unwind at a Hilton Head Island spa prior to the wedding will help take the edge off any stressful situation. I know my husband enjoyed his “man-icure” and a facial before our wedding at FACES DaySpa,.

In addition to the amazing selections of spas on Hilton Head Island, one of the easiest ways to unwind is to take a long walk on the beach. Inhaling fresh salt-water air is key to obtaining Hilton Head Island tranquility. After all, isn’t the beauty of the Island one of the reasons to marry on the Island?!

So take the zilla to the beach or to the spa, and enjoy your day! Relax and unwind and savor the moments. From planning to wedding day, the moments should be memorable and enjoyable.

Best wishes!