ShellRing Andrew walking copy

Oysters Lovers, Sink Your Teeth into a Sweet New Concept

Oysters. From Apalachicola to Zen, these briny bivalves are a tabletop testament to how food goes beyond just sustenance. Food has the power to reconnect us to our historical roots and to propel us forward into our future with new culinary and socially consciousness trends. For this reason, Hilton Head native Andrew Carmines recently launched […]

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Glen SUP

It’s Time to Take a Rejuve-cation

rejuvenate verb | re·ju·ve·nate | ri-ˈjü-və-nāt : to make (someone) feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again : to give new strength or energy to (something) vacation noun | va·ca·tion (often attributive) | vā-ˈkā-shən : a period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax […]

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Sweet Eats For All The Sweeties In Your Life

The ancient Greeks identified six different forms of love: Eros = Sexual passion Philia = Friendship Ludus = Playful love (i.e. flirting) Agape = “Yoga love” (my term for love for all beings) Pragma = Enduring love (i.e. what your grandparents have) Philautia = Self-love Whether you have all or one of these love types […]

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Hudson's Lowcountry inspired salad

Eating Clean at Hilton Head Hot Spots

Last post defined eating clean as enjoying socially and environmentally conscious food packed with nutrition, rather than processed with unsavory ingredients like antibiotics, pesticides, stabilizers, and artificial additives. We looked at three Hilton Head hideaways—DelisheeeYo, Pure Natural Market and Java Burrito. This week, let’s sink our teeth into three Hilton Head hot spots owned an […]

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Java Burrito owners Michael and Fredrika

Eating Clean at Hilton Head Hideaways

The other week I joked to my friend, “It always either feels like a Monday or a Friday, but nothing in between.” At the time, I was eating a boring salad at my desk and talking to her on speaker while I checked my emails, jotted down my to do list and saved an article […]

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Feeling Fan-Moor-Mud-Tastic in Hilton Head

It is rumored that Cleopatra, who in my mind was a total B.C. bad-you-know-what, would wrap herself in black mud scooped from the depths of the Dead Sea and that before the invention of penicillin similar mud was used to treat serious wounds. And now in modern times, spas across the globe offer moor mud […]

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Lee and Camellia (3) driving Leopard

Enjoying a Sailing Stay-cation in Hilton Head

It was time. We needed a vacation. And yet, because it was not a holiday weekend, we could not go out of town. Friday afternoon, as we were finishing up the first major phase of renovating our 62-foot schooner, Leopard, it occurred to my husband Lee and I that a weekend on the water with […]

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Whole Foods is Changing your Grocery Experience

Whole Foods Hilton Head invites you to revisit how you grocery shop. No more Michael Bolton melodies in the background, tired salad bars with marshmallow salad and your internal voice delivering a compelling soliloquy about why grocery shopping is such a pain in the asparagus. With endless aisles and food stations with healthy offerings, comfortable […]

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Put on Your Sneakers, It’s Time for Devin’s Dash

As a health coach, I often remind my clients that wellness encompasses more than just healthy food choices and exercise. Optimal well being also includes establishing healthy, happy relationships—from your relationship with yourself, to your relationship with others to even how you relate to your community. As a leader in health industry, Hilton Head Health in Shipyard Plantation is taking an active role in helping you be fit mentally and physically with Devin’s Dash Sat., Sept. 20th. This memorial 5K not gives you the opportunity to set and achieve a goal, but also builds our community and benefits and worthy cause.

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