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Celebrate the wisecrack in art! Be there for the Fabulous Fakes Festival, September 24 at the Arts Center.

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Every year or so the Art League hosts a brief, off-season Mardi Gras for artists and art lovers.  Fabulous Fakes is a kind of masked ball exhibit where you might see Condoleezza Rice as the Mona Lisa, the Eifel Tower in place of the Harbour Town Lighthouse or Whistler’s Mother holding a martini.

David Musial brings Paris to HHI

Irreverent and fun, Fabulous Fakes is where art lets its hair down, and you’re invited to take part.  Come Friday, September 24 from 1 p.m. to 5.   Enjoy refreshments and a cash bar.  And by all means take part in the Jackson Pollock Paint Pitch!  Or create your own faux Alexander Calder mobile, in a workshop by sculptor Mark Larkin.  You might even want to take home your own Fabulous Fake.

You can vote for your favorite fake.  Your ballot will enter you for a chance to win tickets to a preview of Dreamgirls, the Arts Center’s theater season opener.  With 40 participating artists you’re sure to find something that tickles you.  The hard part is deciding which

Don Nagel relaxes Whistler's mom

work you like best.  Someday the Art League may bring a laugh-o-meter to help you decide.

That’s the spirit.  It’s just for fun.  But is it art?  OH yeah.  Behind the yuks is a subtle reminder that art is subversive by nature.  Whistler’s Mother floats in air when you look closely.  John Singer Sargent’s highfalutin’ portrait subjects stand away from perspective and take their light from whatever direction suits the detail.  Both foretell the coming of the topsy-turvy Modern – - while passing civilized through polite society.

Michael Nicastre's offshore drilling

Art comes to humanity pretty soon after our basic physical needs are met, and it seems essential to this consciousness that we think of as human.  But that doesn’t make it serious.  Certainly not all the time, anyway.

Fabulous Fakes is a great place to take part in that fun.  Hope to see you there!




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